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Our small, yet effective department has a very busy year beginning with two small exhibitions in the Autumn Term. The first is the Welcome Evening for new parents and staff and the second in late November at the Upper School Open Evening. In the Spring 2011, the Department had the opportunity to exhibit our students’ work in Milan at the specialist art book shop Books Import. This involved work from the Lower School and KS3 students. The work presented was small in scale and taken from school coursework which covered observation drawings and sequential developments. Parents and students undoubtedly enjoyed this event and hopefully this will become another annual event.

At Open Evening, art work is on display in both art studios from all levels (KS3, 4 and 5). The corridors and library are packed with framed drawings, paintings and prints and, where practical, 3D structures in varied materials. Where possible the students’ art journals are displayed so that progress and the development of ideas can be followed. These highly personal documents have become a strength of the department and are essential to meet course requirements. The art journals of KS3 students who are committed to the “prima”, “seconda” and “terza media” examinations are assessed by the Italian State and each year we receive a very complimentary report which truly appreciates the highly quality of work and presentation that our students achieve.

For the Eisteddfod competition, students in years 7,8 and 9 are encouraged to enter their work and show us their imaginative responses. Recent themes have included, design and make your own hat, sunglasses, ties; design a new school logo or bookmark or greeting cards. This competition is taken very seriously since a lot of points can be won for the house system and for the prestige of winning a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Many of the responses have impressed the staff not only because of the quality but also the presentation and originality shown.

The last presentations of the year cover the two examination courses, IB and GCSE. We have been exceptionally lucky to be able to exhibit the IB studio work at the Sotheby’s showroom in Milan for the last two years and it requires a lot of heavy physical work from the students and staff to manage to get this show on the road. However, it is well worth it since the visiting examiner mentioned that our exhibition is held in the best location! Finally, the last event is the GCSE Art & Design Exhibition which usually takes over all available space in the two art studios and along the top corridor which reaches to the library. All of these events require a professional and committed approach from our students because of the public viewing of the work, but it also stimulates interest and enthusiasm in the classroom and gives relevance to the work the students do.

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