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This subject is all to do with the development of the individual and how students perceive the world around them. It’s about making decisions and justifying choices, discovering new materials and, whilst polishing established skill, developing new ones. Despite firm discipline and regular commitment to homework tasks, it can also be a lot of fun. The adherence to the structured Key Stage 3 course has provided our students with the ability to excel on both the GCSE. Art & Design course and on the IB Visual Arts course and beyond.

The Art Department was established over 30 years ago in September 1977 with the introduction of GCSE and A level examinations in Art & Design. From this date the department has gained considerable success with very impressive examination results at both GCSE, AS, & A2 levels, and now at IB, especially since our students are not selected. Students who join the school who have limited previous experience of a structured art course are accepted and they have to date achieved very good results, as the emphasis is firmly placed on discipline, attention to detail, thoroughness and regular commitment to homework studies. The structured and straightforward KS enables students to gain a strong and convincing command of the subject on examination courses. To date all students have entered the art college of their choice in cities throughout the world. Past alumni have gained success in the fields of Fine Art, Fashion, Transport Design, Photography, Scenery, Product Design, Ceramics, Special Effects [ Film], Jewellery, Architecture, Illustration, Graphics and Industrial Design.

  • The aim of the Art department is to provide the means for students to express themselves visually with individuality ,confidence, skill and style using a broad variation of traditional and non traditional materials at all levels , KS3, 4 & 5.
  • To develop creative and imaginative powers and the practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meanings in art craft & design.
  • To develop investigative, analytical, experimental and interpretive capabilities, aesthetic understanding and critical skills.
  • To increase the understanding of codes and conventions in art, craft and design and an awareness of the contexts in which they operate.
  • To encourage the pursuit of quality through experimentation, with the appreciation of other cultures, established and emerging artists.
  • Other than lessons on the time table, students can benefit from the G.C.S.E. Twilight course held after school hours on Thursdays, the I.B.” drop in slot” [ 1 hr – 1.30 hrs ] on Mondays after school or the Art club [ 2 hrs ] on Tuesday afternoons.

    There are two adjoining art studios complete with their own extensive libraries. Four PCS, two scanners [one A3] assist staff and students with research, manipulation and development of images. ICT needs are met further with use of the ICT suite. A wide and varied selection of materials, papers, cards, paints,plaster, wood, polystyrene and clay etc are always available.

    Summary of Art Curriculum (pdf file)

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