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What is a Class Rep?

The Class Rep primarily carries out a social role; he/she is the contact person for new parents or for parents who wish to help out with events organised by the Friends.

The main tasks of the Class Rep are to:

  • Create, maintain and distribute a class contact list containing parentsí information (phone numbers and email addresses) within the class or year group. The contact list is strictly for the parents within the class or year group and is used so that other parents in the class/year can get in touch with each other for social events organized for the class or year group or in case of an emergency (i.e., school closing)
  • Organise social get-togethers, about twice a year, for the class/year to help build a sense of community and develop a supportive and social network for those who want to participate
  • Collect funds for Christmas or end of the year gift for teachers as appropriate (traditionally for the Lower School)
  • Be aware of new families joining your class and putting them in touch with the SJHS Welcome group, as well as assisting new parents to settle into the school community
  • Help support SJHS Friends in organization of events by informing parents about upcoming events and by assisting Friends in finding volunteers and/or donations for events, etc.
  • Touch base with the teacher regularly and be aware of any help that may be required during the academic year for e.g. parent volunteers for class trips.

The class rep should try to find a replacement if he/she can no longer continue with the role.

The class rep should help Friendsí recruit a new class contact for the following year.

Please contact the Friends at to find out the name of your class rep.

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