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If you would like to get in touch with members of the Committee to find out more about SJHS Friends or if you want to help out with Friends activities, please send us an email at

Committee 2012-2013

Emily Fox - Co-Chairperson
Margot Jacini - Co-Chairperson
Alessandra Rotelli - Treasurer
Francesca Stella - Event Coordinator
Marcella Colombraro - Supplies Coordinator
Maide De Courten - Video Club
Maddalena Dubini - Friends Photographer
Najwa Fayoumi-Al Haboubi - Food/Catering
Paola Formenti - Lunch Project Coordinator

Welcome Group

Soraya Basha
Lola Botella
Elisabetta Brognoli Barbieri
Mitsuyo Shiotsu
Eva Sierra
Celine Tartaras

Lunch Project Group

Paola Formenti
Maddalena Dubini
Vera Bruggi
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