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During the academic year the children are encouraged to develop their independent learning skills within a positive, caring and stimulating learning environment. Emphasis is placed upon acquiring such skills so that each child is encouraged to fulfil their potential. For example, children are encouraged to change independently for their gym lessons and take care for their personal property...

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Grouping starts in Year 2 for comprehension and spelling. Grammar, handwriting and creative writing are class based. Children read in class on an individual basis of at least twice a week. Children are given regular English and reading homework...

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The Sir James Henderson British School of Milan was founded in 1969 by British parents who wanted to provide a British education to their children. The school was named after Sir James Henderson, a British businessman who started up Coats in Italy after WW1. He also founded the British Chamber of Commerce and the first Rotary Club in Italy. His wife provided a generous donation to start the school.

The original objective of the school was to serve the British community of Milan and provide its members with a British education from the age of 3 to18 years...

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The Sir James Henderson School is not a selective school, however, the admission procedure operated by this popular and successful British school in Milan ensures that the nature and character of its mission and objectives are maintained.
Places are offered to students irrespective of academic ability although children with special needs and learning difficulties will be assessed carefully to determine whether the school is able to effectively address their individual needs...

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The SJHS Association is managed by a Board of nine Governors. Each year three Governors are elected by the Association members for a three year period. The Board elects a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The Board also nominates committees to deal with specific current and ad hoc topics: Financial, Communications, building, sponsorships, etc. The committees may include non Governors and report to the Board. In addition, the Board nominates Honorary Governors, who represent British institutions: British Consulate, British Council, and British Chambers of Commerce...

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The Sir James Henderson School is seeking new staff for the next academic year and offers an exciting and professional challenge to experienced and well qualified teachers. The school provides the UK National Curriculum from 318 and offers an attractive package including a generous salary, benefits, accommodation subsidy and end of contract gratuity. Initial contracts are for two years and the school has a genuine commitment to professional development...

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