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HOUSES Darwin, Austen and Drake

The House system was derived from the strong legacy of British Education at Sir James. In accordance with the tradition of schools in the UK, the Sir James Henderson has 3 Houses: Darwin, Austen and Drake, carrying names of renowned individuals and symbols of British culture, more specifically, of science, literature and politics. Houses group together senior school students from every year into three teams. The teams compete in school life events such as Sports Days, Python Points and Swimming Galas, the Eisteddfod Competition (inter-curricular annual competition) and in terms of merit awards achieved by each student for academic excellence.

The student council organises a Charity Scheme in which each House is assigned a charity to which they are committed until the end of each academic year. Fund raising events are divided into Houses and totals are recorded. The House which has raised the greatest amount of money for their charity by the end of the year wins a cup.

Houses are each headed by two members of the student council. Their role is to be points of reference for students, co-ordinate team events and to encourage participation. We are trying to strengthen competitiveness within the school to promote a healthy working environment, allowing the students to achieve their maximum potential. For this reason, the council is looking to put greater emphasis on the role of Houses. We are hoping to motivate the children to become more involved and enthusiastic, and to take pride in their team efforts. House spirit has also been achieved by making each form (or class) of every year group correspond to a House. For example, the A (7A, 8A etc) classes of each year group are Darwin, B classes are all Austen, C is Drake.

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