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The Lingua Due programme at SJHS provides children the opportunity of learning the Italian language as a second language.

The aim of the Italian Lingua Due Department is to help children feel at ease in their new social environment and stimulate them to communicate in the host language. This challenging learning experience gives our young students the possibility to integrate with the local community.

Children are channelled into the Lingua Due groups after an oral and written assessment. Many other aspects that have to do with the global background of each student are also taken into careful consideration (linguistic background, exposure to the Italian language, motivation, etc).

This academic year the classes have been divided into two main groups: a beginners/pre-intermediate group and an intermediate/advanced group.

It is interesting to note that some of our students have such a good knowledge of the Italian language that often part of the L2 advanced group programme is similar to the Italian for nationals.

Groups are by no means fixed or permanent. The L2 Department may decide, after close observation of the pupilís scholastic performance, to move any child from the beginners group to the advanced group and vice versa.

It is policy of the Italian Lingua Due department to differentiate class work when necessary and to give students the possibility to learn at their individual pace. This is especially done for those children who are having learning difficulties with the Italian language and, indeed, for students with special educational needs. In the latter case, cooperation is vital between Italian teachers, class teachers and parents.

The Italian Lingua Due programme is flexible but teachers follow guidelines set out by the British National Curriculum for language teaching and guidelines given by the European Union directives. Teachers work closely within these guidelines but obviously adapt programmes according to the individual class levels.

Italian L2 Teachers
Ombretta Zanellotti: intermediate/advanced level; LS Italian Co-ordinator
Chiara Bendiscioli: beginners/pre-intermediate level

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