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The Italian programme at SJHS allows students to study Italian as either their first language (Lingua Uno) or as a second language (Lingua Due).

The Lingua Due course is further divided in two: a beginner level (mainly for students who have recently arrived in Italy or for those that have not yet reached a certain level of proficiency) and an intermediate/advanced level for those students who are not mother tongue but are quite fluent in the target language.

The Lingua Uno programme is for native speakers of Italian and therefore is not grouped by level. The two classes in each year group follow the same syllabus and the two teachers consult on a regular basis on student progress in terms of the pace of learning and the issues that arise from bilingualism.

In the beginning of Year 2 students are closely assessed to determine their suitability for the Lingua Uno programme. This is a particularly complex process for students whose parents are not both Italian Nationals. Our experience in the past few years has shown that for students in this situation, it is difficult to identify a single criterion for determining whether the child should be placed in the L1 programme or the advanced L2 programme. In addition to a constant monitoring of each child’s individual linguistic background, we consider linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in order to have an in-depth student profile that allows us to determine which programme will be more effective for his/her learning path.

Students at the SJHS in the L1 programme follow two different courses: the curricular programme which is taught during school hours and the ministerial programme which is taught after school hours. The latter prepares students to take the Italian State “esame di idoneità” at the end of Year 6.

While the ministerial programme follows the guidelines set by the Italian school system, the curricular programme does not necessarily follow all the objectives of the Ministry of Education and is therefore more flexible in terms of the topics covered and the teaching methods used.

The main objectives of the curricular programme are nonetheless very ambitious and often overlap with typical aspects of the Italian Primary School system. Our challenge is to offer a learning framework which engages our young students in a manner, whenever possible, similar to the characteristics of the British education system.

Certain important aspects of our curricular programme entail a modular approach characterised by macro-themes which deal with specific issues relating to word-formation and syntax in Italian. We also use an inter-disciplinary approach, allowing students to use the language as tool for cross learning.

Finally, we offer students from both Lingua 1 and Lingua 2 common topics, at clearly different linguistic levels, in order to provide them with a greater range of learning opportunities in Italian.

The links below provide PDF Files with the text on this page in Italian, as well as the timetable for Italian lessons and the curricular and ministerial programmes for each year group.

If you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact us.

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