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Year 1

In Year 1 the children are encouraged to develop their independent learning skills within a positive, caring and stimulating environment. The teachers are committed to addressing the childrenís individual needs in order for each child to achieve his/her potential. During the year, the children learn to take responsibility for themselves and their work, and begin to organise their belongings more effectively. For example, they are encouraged to change independently for PE lessons and take care of their personal property. Children begin to develop an awareness of the needs of individuals and groups, and are encouraged to embrace diversity. Respect for the school environment, staff and peers is considered essential for a happy working day.

The links listed here will provide you with information in pdf format on the Y1 curriculum and the schedules of work for the current term and the timetable for each class.

General Information for Year 1 Parents
Year 1 Curriculum
Year 1 Summer Work Schedule
Timetable Year 1C
Timetable Year 1K

Year 2

Year 2 is another very important year. Children start to study Italian and learn cursive script. Year 2 teachers take the children on a trip down memory lane to old London town to witness the blaze of the Great Fire in 1666. They visit Florence Nightingale and learn about her incredible work on how she improved hospitals.
The children enjoy a holiday on the island of Struay with Katie Morag and family and visit the golden sands at the beach in the 1900ís with the Magic Granddad!
They have the chance to explore how to make a circuit and investigate how to make Father Xmasí nose light up! Children will learn about the importance of exercise and a balanced diet to keep fit and healthy.
The children are taken on a trip where they explore patterns, shapes and textures in different buildings. They have fun designing, making their own wind up toys and performing to their peers.
Children in Year 2 have the opportunity to participate in lots of interesting and fun activities! But they should also be prepared to work hard.

The links listed here will provide you with information in pdf format on the Y2 curriculum, the schedules of work for the current term, and the full timetables per class.
General Information for Year 2 Parents
Year 2 Curriculum
Year 2 Summer Work Schedule
Timetable Year 2D
Timetable Year 2N

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