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Welcome to Key Stage 4

Moving into Year 10 marks the beginning of Key Stage 4. Students follow academic courses that last two years and result in GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education), which they take at the end of Year 11. These results shape each student’s choice of subjects for the International Baccalaureate (Years 12 and 13), and are often also noted by prospective employers and universities.

English, Mathematics, Italian, one Science subject, Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) make up the core KS4 curriculum. Students also choose one subject from each of five option blocks, and so work towards at least 9 GCSEs. Some students opt to take additional GCSEs which they study for independently. KS4 students also take part in Pre-IB sessions where they are given extended opportunities to enhance their academic writing skills.

Through the two-year courses, students will be assessed regularly by teachers using a variety of assessment strategies. Some subjects are assessed not only through examinations at the end of the course, but also by Controlled Assessments during the course itself. These types of assessment are prepared and carried out in class, under strict, supervised conditions, and go towards final results.

During KS4 students receive careers advice. In Year 10 students have the chance to take part in a Work Experience programme. In the first term of Year 11, I.S.C.O. (The Independent Schools Careers Organisation) visit school to ‘profile’ students through a series of tests, resulting in a personal guidance report which highlights each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, personality, interests and ambitions. The report, which is based on computer analysis, suggests suitable future careers, not as definite predictions, but as ideas for further exploration. Each student discusses their report individually with a member of the I.S.C.O. team.

Year 10 and 11 students have one P.S.H.E. lesson per week led by their form tutor. The programme covers a range of social and personal issues such as health, money, emotions, law and crime, sexual health and responsibility, and drug awareness. In addition study skills, presentation and communication skills are highlighted. Students also work on developing their curriculum vitae.

The school offers a range of activities for students to take part in beyond the classroom. Students in Years 10 and 11 are encouraged to be fully and pro-actively involved in school life. Universities are looking for well-rounded individuals who are not purely academic but have been involved in Drama, Music or Sport – to mention only three of the options available. We recommend that all KS4 students develop their own personal interests in order to develop their individual curriculum vitae.

Throughout all stages of Years 10 and 11 students are supported by the Key Stage 4 team, which includes their subject teachers, their tutor and the key stage coordinators, so that they can make the most of any and all opportunities presented to them so that they reach their full potential both academically and personally.

Mr Colm Murphy
KS4 Coordinator

Miss Lauren Barbian
Assistant KS4 Coordinator

Click on the cover page to view the Curriculum Booklet in pdf format

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