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The LRC is managed by two librarians and it is an important research facility for students, staff and parents alike. It not only lies at the heart of the IB Programme, but provides the rest of the Upper School community with a wealth of up-to-date fiction, reference books, journals and a range of online material, such as NewsUK.

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is open from 8.30 to 15.30 daily.

The underlying aim of the LRC is to promote independent learning, in an attractive, relaxing environment, where reading for pleasure is encouraged.

Facilities and Resources
The LRC has a study area with 19 computers and printing facilities. This facility houses the non-fiction section area of the LRC and is available to students for private research, and for staff to book for lessons. The main area is divided into three sections: the Fiction Library, a Sixth Form Study Centre (with an additional 6 computers) and a Presentation Suite equipped with a projector, screen and sound system.

The LRC is well stocked with a range of publications and archives that support the educational objectives of the school, some of which are The Guardian Weekly, The Economist, Sunday Times (English edition), New Scientist and Philosophy Now.

The library's bookshelves are well stocked with classics of world literature and award-winning fiction and non-fiction as well as the latest teen fiction titles by Darren Shan, Louise Rennison, Jodi Picoult and Meg Cabot, and many more!

The Student Voice is important and they are encouraged to recommend resources for use in the LRC. These are regularly purchased. The LRC is rich with displays that encourage students to delve into the enormous range of literature available to them today. Regular displays in the facility include “Book of the Week” and mini card book reviews, written by the students, parents and staff.

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