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As is often the case with top quality British schools, the Sir James Henderson School has a long tradition of musical excellence both in and out of the classroom. It is very much part of the British culture to perform and enjoy music making in ensembles, choirs and orchestras. Most of these activities and rehearsals are scheduled in the break times so as not to interfere with the regular academic timetable. Nearing concert engagements, flexibility across the school allows for a more intense preparation and events become very much “whole school” events. The benefits for all students of such collaborative work are acknowledged by the school.

A ”healthy” music department is often indicative of a healthy school community. The school has approximately 20 highly qualified and experienced instrumental teachers and provides instrumental and vocal tuition for over 250 students of ages ranging from 6 to 18. We have five choirs and several ensembles offering performing and singing opportunities to all abilities at all ages and in a variety of genres. The choirs sing music from all eras and in all styles and the instrumental ensembles are diverse, ranging from classical to jazz.

Students often form their own bands and organise their own concerts. The more advanced players join the Senior Orchestra and the more advanced singers the Chamber Choir. Each year these two groups combine forces and tour to various places in Europe often including visits to similar schools to our own abroad. Recent tours have included Spain, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Italy including Sicily, the Dolomites and Naples.

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