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Aims and Objectives

Teaching should ensure that 'listening and applying knowledge and understanding’are developed through the interrelated skills of performing, composing and listening and appraising.

In their two weekly music lessons students are taught to listen, perform, compose and appraise music in a variety of styles and genres.

Music is taught to all children, whatever their ability. All work in music is fully differentiated, allowing all students to access the curriculum and make progress. Continuous assessment provides an understanding of student’s individual needs either with additional support or extension work.


The department is well resourced offering a good range of learning experiences and allowing students to explore a wide variety of styles.

Extra-Curricular Music

In addition to their classroom music lessons, children are offered the opportunity to study a wide variety of musical instruments with highly qualified peripatetic teachers. Extra-curricular music at Sir James is popular with students who, in addition to performing with the choir and orchestra, are encouraged to organise and run small instrumental groups by themselves. In addition to creating more independent learners, this enables them to develop and progress at their own speed and enables more able students to produce performances of a truly exceptional standard.

Students are encouraged to give performances whenever an opportunity presents itself, either in the formal concerts, which are held twice a year, as part of festival programmes, such as the Chamber Music Festival, or assemblies or simply for their class teacher.

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