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The Learning Support Department at SJHS has two major areas, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Special Educational Needs (SEN). There is a team of fully qualified experienced teachers who, through their enthusiasm and expertise, strive to help pupils achieve their full potential during their stay with us.

English as an Additional Language
English is the medium of communication and learning at the SJHS. The EAL department is here to support children in learning English as an additional language (EAL). When children come to the school their English language support needs are assessed and, if support is necessary, they are placed in the appropriate group. The aim of the EAL department is to enable children to learn enough English to follow the school curriculum. Each childís individual language development is tracked and this information is shared with their class teachers. The department has staff who work in both the upper and lower schools. There are a number of EAL classrooms with a wide range of equipment including computers, tape/CD players and an interactive whiteboard.

EAL at BSM: Information for Parents

Special Educational Needs
The SEN (Special Educational Needs) Unit falls under the umbrella of the Learning Support Department and operates across the whole school. Its objective is to work together with teachers to provide an optimum learning environment that assists all students to access the mainstream school curriculum. Identification and assessment of learning difficulties is a collaborative effort, as experienced teachers highlight issues that may be barriers to a childís learning. Assessment by the SEN Unit allows for a comprehensive profile of a studentís strengths and weaknesses to be collated. This information is then used to develop an Individual Education Plan which is shared with teachers, parents and the students themselves. SEN support may include consultation with teachers on classroom management, in-class support, withdrawal small group work, 1:1 support, monitoring of students or ensuring special exam arrangements are in place (internal exams and GCSE or IB Diploma exams).

SEN at BSM: Frequently asked questions

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