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The sixth@sirjames

The sixth@sirjames newsletter has been put together with the following aims:
1. To celebrate the achievements and experiences of our Sixth Form students
2. To inform the SJHS community about the International Baccalaureate
3. To communicate important dates and deadlines to parents and students in the SJHS community

Any comments on the newsletter would be greatly received. Please contact

The Sixth@SirJames No.7 June 2014
The Sixth@SirJames No.6 March 2014

The Sixth@SirJames No.5 June 2013
The Sixth@SirJames No.4 November 2012

The Sixth@SirJames No.3 May 2012
The Sixth@SirJames No.2 January 2012
The Sixth@SirJames No.1 November 2011
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